Lobster Season to close Feb 15

6th February 2014
The Belize Fisheries Department would like to take this opportunity to inform the general public that the
lobster season will close effective February 15th and it will remain closed until midnight of June 14th. As a
reminder, please note that failure to comply with the closed season will result in prosecution in court under
Regulation 3 (1) (b) of the Fisheries Regulations, Chapter 210 of the Subsidiary Laws of Belize R.E.

The Department also takes this opportunity to remind fishers that lobster traps should be removed from the
fishing grounds during the closed season. The Enforcement Unit will be vigilant in ensuring compliance with
the removal of lobster traps that are found deployed after February 15.
The Department hereby makes a special appeal to fishers and the public, to uphold the Fisheries Regulations in
regards to lobster and other marine products, and urges all responsible citizens to call the Department at 224-
4552/203-2623 to report any infractions.

The public is assured that all information communicated to the
Fisheries Department will be treated with the strictest of confidence!

Little Stars Preschool Preparing for Tonight’s Valentine’s Fair

If you’re wondering why a portion of the back street is blocked off this afternoon, parents are setting up for the Little Stars Preschool Valentine’s Fair.  Our lovely preschoolers are having a fundraising event where they will enjoy games, face painting music, food -and lots more, this evening at 6pm (Sat, Feb 8) at Little Stars Preschool.  The proceeds from this event will go towards Stimulation Month activities in March.

Little Star school front with white and red banners for decorations

Parents decorating for Valentine’s Fair

Tables with red table cloth and white chares

Tables ready to be filled this evening

red flier for Little Stars Preschool

Flyer credits to Tracie Young

Stolen Boat

Sea Prowler was stolen last night from Tsunami dock in Caye Caulker. Any one knowing the whereabouts or seen this vessel kindly contact Neno Rosado as urgently as possible at 610-3151


Young Sailors Sailing From San Pedro to Caye Caulker

On Saturday, February 1st our Caye Caulker Kids Alanis Badillo, Malik Jones, Ricky Enriquez, Angel Pol and Harrison Cadle Jr. joined the kids of the San Pedro Junior Sailing Club in an endurance challenge sailing from San Pedro to Caye Caulker.  This challenge also served as a practice for the upcoming regatta that will be held in Corozal on February 8th and 9th 2014.  This will be our kids first official regatta.  On all sailing practices and regattas, rescue boats are required. The kids were accompanied by Commodore Jimmy Jones of the Caye Caulker Sailing Club, Bob Greaves, member of the Caye Caulker Sailing Club, Randy, Agustin-the Argentinian trainer  and Tammy Peterson of the San Pedro Junior Sailing Club, and Neil Bradley President of the Caye Caulker Sailing Club.

All the kids were looking forward to this trip and had fun!! We, the Caye Caulker Sailing Club were delighted to host the San Pedro Junior Sailing Club and president Tammy Peterson and also would like to thank them once again for all the assistance given to us in preparing our kids for their first regatta.

Caye Caulker Sailing Club

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Caye Caulker Hotel Makes Trip Advisor’s ‘Top 25 Hotels in Central America’

Jana Puga
Media &Public Relations Officer
Tourism Board
Contact: 227-2488 /227-2420
Website: www.travelbelize.org

2014 Travelers’ Choice Awards

Belize City, Belize – January 29, 2014 – Following the announcement of four Belize properties that made the ‘Top 25 Hotels in Central America’ list, the popular travel site, Trip Advisor, announced other categories in its 2014 Travelers’ Choice Awards. We are pleased to say that travelers’ positive reviews and ratings placed Belize in several of those categories. Overall, Belize claimed thirty seven placements in seven categories at the regional and world levels.

Top 25 B&B’s and Inns in Central America:

2. The Inn at Twin Palms in Belmopan
24. Macaw Bank Jungle Lodge in San Ignacio
25. Moonracer Farm Lodging & Tours in San Ignacio

Top 25 Bargain Hotels in Central America:
1. Colinda Cabanas in Caye Caulker

15. Amber Sunset Jungle Resort in Cayo
16. Black Rock Loge in San Ignacio

Top 25 Bargain Hotels in the World:
20. Colinda Cabanas in Caye Caulker

Top 25 Small Hotels In Central America:

1. Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort in Hopkins
2. The Phoenix Resort in San Pedro
3. Pelican Reef Villas Resort in San Pedro
6. Coco Plum Island Resort in Placencia
7. Xanadu Island Resort in San Pedro
14. Chabil Mar in Placencia
16. Athens Gate in San Pedro
20. Turneffe Island Resort in Turneffe Island
22. Sleeping Giant Lodge in Belmopan
23. Ka’ana Boutique Resort and Spa in San Ignacio

If you would like to study in TAIWAN…


How to Get a Taiwanese Scholarship
posted (January 28, 2014) The Taiwanese Embassy is once again accepting applications for its scholarship program for Belizean students to go study in that country. Today, the Embassy hosted their annual scholarship briefing, and 7News attended. Here’s what the Taiwanese Ambassador told us about how you can get into the programme:

H.E. David Wu, Taiwan Ambassador to Belize
“Today is the briefing for the year 2014 scholarships awarded by Taiwan. There are 2 kinds of scholarships; one is called ICDF, that’s stands for International Cooperation and Development Fund and this program will be taught in English and it will be divided into post-graduate and under-graduate. Last year we had 21 students who were awarded this ICDF scholarship. The other one is called the Taiwan Scholarship. This scholarship is sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan and this program is study is Mandarin Chinese. For those who speak English when they go to study in Taiwan for this scholarship, they need to learn one extra year of Mandarin in the language center.”

“It will be very tough, but if they can overcome the difficulties – they can really benefit by learning Mandarin because nowadays Mandarin is very important and very useful for the huge market of Asia where Mandarin is the number language spoken. I encourage Belizean students, if they are willing to accept the challenge and to go to Taiwan to study in Mandarin – very tough, but if they overcome the difficulty they can benefit more.”

The deadline for applications is March 31, 2014, and links will be posted on our 7News website for persons who want additional information.

Do you need a high school scholarship?


Annual Liquor Licensing Meeting

The Annual Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Meeting was held in Caye Caulker on January 22nd 2014 at 1:00 pm at the Community Center. There were 33 license granted including 5 businesses who were put on a three month probationary period due to complaints or health and fire hazards. The official meeting was opened at 1:30 pm by the Chairman of the Liquor Licensing Board Francis Staine. The newly elected liquor licensing board or board appointed Clerk was not announced. Present at the meeting were Chairman of the Liquor Licensing board Francis Staine, Chairman of the Caye Caulker Village Council Wayne Miller and a late arrival from member of the board Allison Usher. Also Present were The Police Inspector, Fire Official, and the Health Inspector.

Mr. Staine began the meeting welcoming the villagers and went straight into issuing the approval of licenses to the business owners. Non issue establishments were given out prior to those who had complaints against them. It seemed to be a pleasant meeting until the issue of I & I Reggae Bar’s license when members of the public shared their discontent for the one hour extension said business would receive daily. Chairperson Wayne Miller announced that they’re were new laws amended which states that the holders of Publican Specials license can get an extension up to 3:00 am. This new information was a shock to members in the audience, who also requested a copy of the S.I. or amended law. Overall the meeting was pleasant and license holders were pleased with their approvals. There were a few business owners who were not present for the issuing of the license and will be given at a later date.

The new intoxicating liquor licensing board is as follows:
Chairman: Francis Staine
Deputy: Sergio Marin
Ex Officio: Wayne Miller
Member: Erico Novelo
Member: Allison Usher
Member: Ronnie Sosa



Climbing Kili For The Caye

Hello All,

As we all have something in common that we love the unique island of Caye Caulker. This is our chance to give something back and support the local community and help secure a bright future for the children of the island.

At Seaside Cabanas we have just begun a voluntary $1 a night per room collection that is totally voluntary and will be added to each guest’s bill. Also I will be undertaking a sponsored climb this year of mt. Kilimanjaro. http://www.seasidecabanas.com/kili2.pdf

Obviously just by coming to the island you are supporting the community and the above are both totally optional, but please help where you can as it will make a huge difference.

Simon Morris,
Seaside Cabanas


Caye Caulker Sailing Club

You may well remember that the Caye Caulker Sailing Club was formed back at the end of last year.  The Club will be part of the bigger Belize Sailing Club which has full support from the Belize Tourism Board in the endeavor to bring this sport which has such roots in Belize’s history and culture, back to life.

It has been a slow start, you can blame the weather for this, but before the year finished, not only did our first two Optimist dingy boats arrive but you will note that the CCVC granted permission for the club to build the storage house for the sailboats on the beach by the Palapa Gardens – this area being the focus for the Sailing Club.  We have to thank Enrique Alamina and Bob Greaves for all their hard work in erecting the building and not forgetting our President Neil Bradley for his contribution of the materials to build the structure – thank you!!!

As mentioned, we currently have two boats, kindly donated by Caye Caulker Towers and the Caye Caulker Humane Society – thank you!!  These boats are ‘getting us on our feet’ or so to speak – allowing us at this early stage to get a small number of the children to become competitive before our first competitive race in Corozal on 8th and 9th Feb 2014.  We have ordered and will be expecting sometime in March a further 6 boats which have been sponsored by the following – BTB, Brian and Zaira (BZE Jade), Iguana Reef Inn, Raggamuffin Tours, Seaside Cabanas and the San Pedro Belize Express which will allow us to operate more fully as a club ie allowing for a wider age range of kids to get involved and for a more recreational purpose.

Until then, there are 5 youngsters (Alanis Badillo, Ricky Henriquez, Harrison Cadle (Jr), Angel Pol and Malik Jones) who are training hard to get themselves ‘race competent’ for Corozal’s Regatta, a race important we attend and compete in to permit us to be considered a club for the rest of 2014.  Cody Bucknor, the youngest member of our club is not yet old enough to compete but is being trained locally.

For now, we are grateful to have the the support of the San Pedro Junior Sailing Club for the enormously generous offer of assisting our kids to learn the ropes in super quick time.  Both last weekend and this weekend the team and our two boats have travelled to San Pedro to rain alongside their kids.  The San Pedro Junior Sailing Club dominate the Club scene as they proved in the Belize Nationals just a couple of weeks ago.   Their Club is already a well oiled machine working efficiently training beginners, schooling the intermediates and training their ‘racers’ to extremely high standards – one day we hope for this for our own here in Caye Caulker!! Their coach, Agustin, has been brought in from Argentina to push the kids to aim for the 2020 Olympics!!!

We would like to thank the San Pedro Belize Express for assisting us in providing transportation for our kids and members.

Our kids have trained morning and afternoon and finally on Sunday got the opportunity to train alongside what will one day in the future be their racing peers and seeing them at work.  Obviously we have a long way to go but this opportunity to train alongside them speeds up the learning process, showing them the way forward.  This kind of ‘sportsmanship’ shown between the two clubs is reflective of what we want to teach our kids and the way forward for the Club itself.

For now, hard training and learning until the Corozal Regatta – after this we can take our foot off the pedal and we will once again be canvassing the internet for any Caye Caulker youngsters that want to get involved in this wonderful sport and the club.

For information please contact Shary Trejo at the Island Link Internet Cafe or email at cayecaulkersailingclub@gmail.com. Follow us on Facebook at Caye Caulker Sailing Club

caye caulker sailing club tiny